Lucy Zara is a well known ex babe channel babe and I am been a massive fan of hers. She is a busty blond with a sweet pussy and she has been doing hot solo porn for years.

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Now a lot of those hard core videos finish with Lucy taking a load of spunk all over her face.(they are all fantastic videos).What’s interesting about this is if you watch the solo video below its lucy watching porn on a ipad in the sauna and wanking . At different parts of the video you can see what she is watching and its a complication of facial porn . What even better is you can see that she cums at the end of the video watching that porn

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Loads of spunk

So I think Lucy loves facials and if you watch the clips4sale videos you can see she really enjoys taking that load of spunk all over her face. There a couple of lucy fucking videos from at the bottom of the page which feature a glorious facial at the end . Enjoy

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