As a long-time fan of  babe channel babes I always loved it when the girls went on to do porn especially girl on girl performances.

There is nothing better than watching babes that you had only seen topless on tv opening their minds and legs and have some pussy play with another hot babe. So here are some babechannel babes best girl on girl pussy play videos

Note: We don’t own, host or publish any of the videos on this page, they are all embeds (iframes) from other sites.

Note: We don’t own, host or publish any of the videos on this page, they are all embeds (iframes) from other sites. To find out more about our data and privacy policies click here  

Reede Fox and Amanda Rendall

This super hot scene featured Reede Fox and Amanda Rendall on Shebangtv  and it remains one of the hottest girl on girl videos I have ever seen, 2 hours of absolute filth , drenched wet pussy and multiple orgasms . Shebangtv went bust soon after and I never made a copy of the scene and only 12 minutes of this porn gold remains on the web. The rest of this scene is the holy-grail of porn for me , I have searched for many years but never found it Check it out below .

Camilla Jayne and Lolly Badcock

Another favourite of mine features Camilla Jayne and Lolly Badcock. Camilla has gotten into girl/girl porn with help from Lolly and you can see that the girls get horny in this scene as naughty nurses.


Beth Bennett and Leigh Darby

The scene features the naught Kiwi Beth Bennett and MILF Leigh Darby. This was the first video in Beths sex-packing series on Babestation X and is a really hot scene. Beth has said when she was thinking about into porn she wasn’t sure if she was into girls , but an naughty afternoon spent with Leigh gave her the confidence to do girl/girl porn , and of course the  love of licking pussy.

Lucy Summers and Yasmine James

Lucy and Yasmine have done a number of videos for born2tease and I have seen them all. The video below is the only one I could find that is free on the web and its hot and is a good taster for the girls pussy play.But it isn’t the best of what they have done and many of the other videos much hotter. I recommend the schoolgirls or big boss scene if you want to see  Lucy’s pussy dripping wet. Check out

Roxi Keogh and ameila Brooks

​This is a hot little backstage scene featuring the notorious Roxi Keogh and Ameila Brooks who hasn’t done that much porn. Ameila really enjoys herself in this video , I love how wet her pussy gets around 15 minutes in as Roxi fucks her with a dildo.

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