Camilla Jayne was my favourite babe during of the golden age of the babe channels . She has a world class body and loved being naked on screen

Around 2009 I first saw Camilla Jayne on babestation and I was completely blown away by her, she was so pretty and had amazing body ( She has just got a really good boob job at that point).

Around 2012 she started to do girl on girl porn and for she made some great stuff over the next few years until her retirement around 2016

From Babestation to pussy licking

During that time she did a series for babestation extreme called Camilla Jayne Sex Therapist where she played with her babe channel friends including Reed Fox, Michelle Moist , Ree Petra , Mia Bailey and Kerry Louise.

She also did a lot on girl on girl content for her website and babestaion. Some of the other girls she fucked on video include Lolly Badcock , Ava Blue and Lexi Belle


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Naughty nurses with wet pussies

The naughty nurses video below is one of my favorites , you can really see the lust and  both girls are really into it and camillas pussy is so moist and delicious ( A couple of years ago I read on a babestation forum that Reed Fox had said around the time this video was made Lolly Badcock had established a fucking club where some of the babestation girls including Lolly , herself and Camilla were getting it on off camera, if its true thats really hot )

Here is another great scene and Camillas only recorded threesome.She gets filthy with Lolly and Michelle Moist and again its a really hot scene.

Sadly Camilla left the babe channel and porn world in 2016 and deleted her twitter a year later and seems to have complely left that life behind. Its a pity but thats her choice and I wish her well .Unfortunately a lot of the hot content she made seems to be no longer available on the web but there is still some videos and lots of pictures to remind us how hot she is. She is gone but not forgotten and still on my wanking list.

I have tried to pull in as many Camilla’s horny videos still free available on the web  here


Camilla has recently setup a onlyfans account and on her instagram account she said she misses the glamour life so hopefully she is going to make a comeback

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